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Hello, Dear Ones,

Blessed Easter Monday!  I hope you've had a good day and are still glowing from celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord (and maybe recovering too!).  I found myself wondering what that very first Easter Monday was like.  Exhaustion from the tremendous tumultuous weekend's events must have overwhelmed them yet the joy of having heard about Jesus being ALIVE and many encountering the Resurrected Jesus had to have them on an 'adrenaline high.'  

Easter changed everything!  Not just for them but all of humanity.  

For the next 50 days (the Easter Season) we will be reading from Revelations and it begins magnificently with greetings from the One "who is and who was and who is to come" and from "the Alpha and the Omega."  

We are immediately in the framework of eternity, where the crises and triumphs, kindnesses and injustices, even the lives and death of earth seem insignificant.  Yet, they are significant, for we are also greeted by "Jesus Christ...the firstborn of the dead... who loves us and freed us from our sins by his blood."  

The Eternal One took (and takes) notice of our wrongs and tragedies and sent us a Redeemer to share in them and overcome them, to overcome even death itself  (some words were part of my devotional from Disciplines today).   I sure find tremendous comfort and peace in knowing that death does not win, LOVE wins, God wins!  And for that, I hope we can all be grateful and motivated to witness that GOOD NEWS!  

That is news the world still needs to hear and you dear one, are good enough to step up to the challenge.  In our lessons yesterday, Peter preached a great sermon but he was the one who denied Christ three times.  Paul was the one who persecuted the early Christians yet God used him to spread the news about Jesus and his love.  WE might not feel worthy, or 'good enough' but we are!  We are called to join all the witnesses who have gone before us (our ancestors) and just share our story, our experience of God, our insight about being loved by the one who created and welcomes each, and every one of us. For these next 50 days, I challenge you to speak more openly about your experience of the Divine.  Your story matters!  

I just realized why I ended with that phrase "Your story matters!"  (journaling sometimes does that — shows us something that we didn't realize prior). I am beginning what I call 'legacy work' in which I am writing my story to my kids, grandkids, family, and friends...  I am taking time over these next few months to not only reflect but to share MY STORY.  I am writing about my journey with Jesus over these 5.5 decades and hope that they will find hope, joy, and also truths that will help them on their life journeys as well.  

That is one of my 'biggest projects' as I decide how to spend the days I have remaining.  I am traveling, knitting, resting, and just 'being' with you, family, friends, AND our Lord.  All is a blessing!  

Have a great week whether you are traveling, packing, meeting up with folk, or staying put.  God is with you in all your moments!  Look for those amazing little moments of light that God will send to you, to encourage and bless you.  

With much love, 

Pastor Andrea


This week (other meetings/gatherings will be taking place as well but here are some things to note):  

Monday, April 18: PEO meeting in the fellowship hall 

Sunday, April 24: The Second Sunday of Easter

  • NO 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning Bible study  (resumes May 1)
  • 10 am Worship with Holy Communion   Come together to celebrate the life we have in Christ and the 10 years 4 months we have been in ministry together (Zion's and myself, Pr Andrea).  Bishop Gonia and the Rev. Pam Roberts will join us, as well as some friends and family.  Please join us, either in person or via Zoom ('hybrid' worship).  If you will be worshiping via zoom, log on or call in using these links:  OR Dial   +1 301 715 8592     Meeting ID: 917 3921 4242.   Password: 731771.   For those of you who will be worshiping in person, masks are requested indoors because we want to sing during worship.  Please bring your own, thanks!
    • Worship leaders:  Pastor Andrea Doeden;  Assistant:  Julie Wersal;  Pianist:  Mark Nelson;  Soloist:  David Lamb;  Ushering: the Pierce Family;  Reading:  David Lamb;  Communion prep/cleanup: Cherie Holder/Pat Fletcher
    •  Flowers:  Dick and Ann Rasmussen, Andrea and Paul Tennery, Norm and Gaye Doeden 
  • Fellowship with a CELEBRATION MEAL after worship (approximately. 11:15 a.m.) in the fellowship hall.  Gather after worship at the banquet table — ours!  The main course is being provided by the church but sides and desserts are ‘potluck’. Please let Pamela Nelson-Serafini know if you are bringing something.  We always have SO MUCH GOOD FOOD so not everyone has to bring a dish either.  Just come and dine, celebrate, share memories of this last decade, and be surrounded by the love of God and our community. 
  • Bread & Belonging will not meet this Sunday.

Other announcements/dates to put on your calendar:

  1. Five Loaves will be packaging and delivering food on Friday and Saturday, April 29 and 30.  Please join this ministry by volunteering to deliver meals.
  2. Saturday, April 30 at 9:30 a.m., I (Pastor Andrea) have created a team PancreATTITUDE that will be meeting at Fisher's Peak State Park and walking the road to the top of the trail (or as far as you want to go!).  Pancreatic Cancer is the #3 cancer killer in our country and PanCan is an amazing organization that helps patients AND sponsors research into new treatments.  I have benefited so I decided to support them by organizing a team.  If you want to join us in walking or donating, please follow this link…NO pressure, however.  
  3. Our Sunday morning bible study resumes May 1 and tentatively, we will be studying "The Wesley Challenge" using our Amplify account.  It's a 21-day challenge to grow in your faith.  Stay tuned though!
  4. MAY 4-6, Zion's Camping Extravaganza!  Everyone is invited to join the upcoming Zion’s camp out for one or two nights on Wednesday, May 4, and Thursday, May 5 at the group camping area at Trinidad Lake State Park. Those who do not want to stay overnight are welcome to come out and enjoy the day and/or evening on either or both days. We will plan for meal sharing as we get closer to the outing. There is a covered pavilion and some electricity. There are only three camping sites with electricity available. There are several tent sites in the group camping area. The reservation cost is being covered by Zion's but you'll need a park pass.  We can bike, kayak, SUP, and just hang out together!  Please contact Sharon Sorenson ( if you are interested. Please let her know if you will need a campsite, how many nights you will camp, or if you just want to participate on either or both days without camping.
  5. May 6: the Women's Bible Study resumes with a new study of the Psalms using Kerygma's Psalms (Discovering): Passion, Promise & Praise.  There are 7 Sessions and books have been ordered but please let Carol S or Becky McNeil know if you want a book reserved for you and if you will be joining us.  
  6. You can still join Zion's Afghan sponsorship team through Lutheran Family Services-Rocky Mt!  Pamela and David Serafini have stepped up to be our primary contact people so join the team and let them know your level of planned engagement.  
  7. The flower ministry blesses our worship space and people!  Wasn't Easter amazing??!!  We are returning to our weekly blessing of the altar so please coordinate with Lynn Chase to sponsor the flowers.
  8. Prayer Shawl Ministry:  Are you interested in knitting one/some to share?  Join the knitters who bless so many.  I saw Doris and Joni working together  

E-formation. Second Sunday of Easter

The church keeps Easter for eight Sundays. Early Christians referred to Sunday as the eighth day, as if the extraordinary day of the resurrection could not fit within the normal week of seven days. The resurrection begins a new recording of time. The fifty days culminate at Pentecost. Each Sunday, individually and communally, we meet the risen Christ in word and sacrament.

John 20:19-31

The church continues the pattern alluded to in John’s gospel, of assembling on the first day of the week to receive the Spirit of the cross and resurrection and to exchange the peace of Christ. As we expect of John, the narrative in chapter 20 testifies to the identity of Christ as Lord and God.

For Christians, to touch Christ is to touch God, and we do this in the flesh of our neighbor’s hand at the peace and with the bread of Christ in our palm at communion.

Acts 5:27-32

Throughout the Sundays of the fifty days of Easter, passages from Acts proclaim the ongoing power of Christ’s resurrection, which is not a single day’s event but is the continuing power of God in the believing community. In this excerpt, the believers continue the ministry of Christ by testifying publicly to his death and resurrection with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Revelation 1:4-8

During the fifty days of Easter in year C, the second readings are exultant passages from the book of Revelation. It is as if in the resurrection of Christ, we all are already gathered around the heavenly throne with all the saints and angels to praise the victory of the Lamb. Yet at the same time, we look forward to the end of time, when the agonies described in Revelation will be no more, for believers will follow Christ to be born again from the dead. This creedal excerpt sets the stage for the subsequent six selections.