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Good afternoon!  As I was driving to the hospital this morning on Highway 12, a passing car threw up a large stone that hit the center of my front windshield and left a large starburst chip.  It surprised me!  And honestly, it irritated me a little too....  Ever have those moments when things come flying at you from out of the blue and disrupt your flow?  Well, I just scheduled a repair and moved on but sometimes its a much bigger disruption to our lives.  I mentioned the author Katherine Wolf in my sermon yesterday and wanted to share her website and books with you.  She is a wonderful witness to recovering and thriving when life throws boulders your way.  Look her up at or listen to her being interviewed by Bob Goff at I hope you find her and her story inspirational!  I also want to encourage you to consider your own story this week.  All of us can say "Look what God has done!" at some point in our life, so let's share our stories with one another and strangers too!  What about this challenge:  ASK someone their story!!
Have a blessed week!  Know you are loved, deeply cherished and accompanied by the Creator of this vast and amazing universe.
In Christ, Pr Andrea
This week:
  • Monday, August 23rd many of our students return to classes today.  Some started last week and some start next Monday but let's all just lift them up in prayer today!
  • Thursday, August 26th  Peggy's book club is meeting at 10 am.
  • Friday, August 27th  Five Loaves set up
  • Saturday, August 28th 
    • Five Loaves monthly blessing event.  Join in delivering food to those in our community who need a little extra but also simply a smiling face sharing nourishment of bread & blessing.  Contact Jo, Norine, or Peggy to be a delivery volunteer - you are needed 
    • SE Women of ELCA Retreat invites you to “Stirring of the Spirit” by Pastor Barb Lemke of Bethel Lutheran, Aurora. The retreat is from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 28, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church,(west door), 4700 Galley Road, Colorado Springs.  To prepare for discussions, use the following link and take the ELCA Spiritual Gifts questionnaire before the retreat:
  • Sunday, August 22nd
    • Sunday morning Bible study 8:30 am led by David Lamb titled "The Valley of the Giants."  Join in person or by ZOOM.  Study is downstairs at the Fellowship Hall and on Zoom at or call  +1 312 626 6799. Meeting ID: 907 628 370. Passcode: 332397
    • 10 am Worship Outdoors  Blessing of the Backpacks and a Blessing of thanksgiving for all school staff (no matter educational level or setting) -- including educators, coaches, administrators, paraprofessionals, support staff, bus drivers, food service staff, tutors, and safety personnel. Also, Zion's 5th Sunday offering benefits students in our
      community to help with back-to-school supplies.  Please remember to have the students bring a bag or backpack that they will be using this school year to 'carry thier load.'
    • Join us, either in person OR via ZOOM ('hybrid' worship).  If you will be worshipping via zoom, log on or call in using these links:  OR Dial   +1 301 715 8592     Meeting ID: 917 3921 4242.   Password: 731771. For those of you who will be worshipping in person, please bring a folding camp chair to sit on, wear comfortable clothing and maybe even a hat.    We plan to resume indoor worship beginning September 19th.
    • Worship leaders:  Assisting: Julie Wersal;  Song Leader: David Lamb ;  Ushering: Joni Jones and Pat Fletcher;  Reading: Joni Jones ; Communion prep/cleanup:  Peggy Gustafson and Julie Wersal
    • Flowers are from Doris Blalock honoring her Aunt Ann and Father's birthdays .
    • Fellowship after worship in the fellowship hall. 
Prayer List: It is a privilege to pray for one another and to bring those who need healing to Jesus.  Send prayer requests to Carol Smith at or 412-477-7531.
The prayer list will be updated this week.  Please let Carol Smith know if names need to continue on the list.
The Lord instructs us to cast our anxiety upon Him because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7).  In doing this, we lift up our concerns to Him in prayer.
We continue to pray for guidance and wisdom for the leaders of our country and the world.  We lift up those that are mourning the loss of a loved one: including Mike Hiscar's family; Phyllis Walsh on death of her father; Anthony Tyrone on the death of his wife; and Paul Pertato on the death of his mother. Prayers continue for those affected by COVID-19, especially JoAnn Valdez, Jennifer Lefforge, and David and Katherine Schubert.  We pray for and surround with God's healing touch: Steve Devorack; Joni's nephew Mike (lung cancer); Mike Johnson; Bob (hospice); Floyd Gumke; Linda Bounds; Erin's friend Jenny (leukemia); Patrick Nigh; Sharon Sorenson (stress fracture); Carol Schultzkump; Jo Moss' cousin Virginia (cancer); Mark Moss; Julie Morris: Michael Blackmore; Kimber Begano (cancer); Glenn Davis (cancer); Diane Fuyllerton; Dr. Mark Jacobson (cancer); Doris' family; Trena; Max Lewis; Tyrone; Lillian Mimms; Pat Trommeter; Lisa Rygiel's mom; Linda Theige's brother Pastor Bob (cancer); Maggie Lowe; Kelly Rienks; A.C. Sanders; JoAnn Rygiel; Jared; Terry Smith; Max Phillips (cancer); Hal Burton; Carol Schulzkump's daughter Katy and nephew Brent Kapling; JoAnn's sister Beth; Debbie Moss; Julie Loudon and her sister; Caleb, Eliza and Ryan Schulte; Willmae Gartside (hospice) and Sherry; Larry French; Janice and Dennis Hornamen; Sue Nesbitt; Loren Eigenberg; Moises; Doug and Darlynne Sandstead, daughters Heather & Rebecca, family Ed and Bev; Christine and Mark; Richard W.; Richard S.; KC (Alzheimers).  Our prayers continue for Wal Reat (missionary in Sudan whom we support financially through Global Missions); Pastor Clay and The Way ministry; ACTS ministry; and the prison congregation New Beginnings and Pastor Schjang.
Other announcements/dates to put on your calendar:
Yesterday's worship service can be viewed by following this link: Passcode: q&aT702v 
1.  Bread & Belonging Student Fellowship is the name of our new college/high school ministry.   They will be gathering on Sunday evenings from 6-8 pm in the fellowship hall and the first meeting of every month we will bless them with a meal!  Did you know that Trinidad State cafeteria is closed on Sundays after breakfast?  Watch for more information, keep this in your prayers, and offer to bless them with food or facilitating!  The first meeting will be September 12th.   
2.  A former pastor of Zion's, Ray Bartels, is turning 100!  He last visited us here in Trinidad in 2018 but lets shower him with some cards!  His church is celebrating this milestone so send them to Peace Evangelical Lutheran church at 06321 Blue Star Memorial Hwy, South Haven, MI 49090.  Julie is also arranging a donation in his honor from our congregation.  
3.  Do you still need a yellow "God's Work Our Hands" t-shirt for September 12th?  We proudly wear them at many community events and each fall at our GWOH Sunday community worship.  I ordered a few extras so let me know if you want one.  
4.  God's Work, Our Hands Sunday is September 12th and we will worship outdoors at Round Up Park at 10 am followed by a picnic.  The Orphan Valley Singers will be playing for the service but they are SO EXCITED to also offer a CONCERT after the meal.  Share this opportunity with others.  And also look for details of our community service project to be held Saturday, Sept. 11th.
5.  Are you looking to join a small group?  The Holy Lunch Bunch enjoyed gathering for food and friendship and staying connected despite Covid.   If you'd like to join the Holy Lunch Bunch please email Pastor at the church 
6.  Santa Fe Trail Bicentennial celebration is Saturday, Oct. 2 through 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 3. and we are busy planning a wonderful weekend of sharing WHY ZION'S?
7.   Zion's Choir is starting back up!  Please let Sharon Sorenson know if you'd like to be part of this ministry.  
8.  Women's bible study will resume in September, Fridays every other week.  Details coming...
9.  Worship flowers can be sponsored each week for $25. A flower chart is in the fellowship hall to sign up or contact Lynn Chase.
10. Angels in Aprons is our team of amazing cooks who bless you by helping with meals when you are in need for any reason, such as surgeries, illnesses, etc.  If you would like to be blessed by these angels or would like to volunteer, please contact Lynn Chase. 


This coming Sunday we are back to the Gospel of Mark, and a conversation with Jesus about dirty hands and soiled hearts. Come to worship, and be cleansed.

The Readings in the Bible


After the story of the multiplication of the loaves, Mark turns to the question of how Christians eat. Biblical Judaism maintained traditions of healthy eating habits that were understood as having been promulgated by God. Yet Mark is distinguishing between these practices of the Torah and “the commandment of God.” This conversation reflects midcentury disagreement in the nascent Christian community about whether to retain Jewish dietary laws. By “Pharisees,” Mark means official Jewish religious attitudes. But were Christians to dismiss traditional Jewish views about evil entering one’s body, then Jesus must teach where evil does come from. Although the Bible suggests conflicting answers about the origin of evil (see, e.g., Gen. 3:6, Gen. 6:1-2, 1 Tim. 2:14, Rom. 5:12, Eph. 6:11, Rev. 12:9), this passage from Mark became seminal for Christian theology: evil comes from within the individual human heart.



The tradition that James, “the brother of our Lord,” was a leader in the early Christian community led to his name attached to this early second-century essay. Its ethical advice, reminiscent of the Jewish wisdom tradition, can be seen as arguing against Paul’s earlier proclamation in, for example, Galatians of Christian freedom from the law. In this excerpt, the author develops the images of infancy, plant growth, and a mirror. The author is insistent that believers must live religiously separated from the evils of the outside world. The title “Father of lights” suggests God as creator of the sun, moon, and stars.