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Dear friends, I once again greet you from Indianapolis.  I am very grateful for my time here--the many oak trees with their red and deep orange leaves literally color my world as my inner world is being colored in new and beautiful ways!  The course work has been very good but one of the Benedictine practices that I always appreciate falling into is the gathering together three times daily for corporate prayer.  To organize one's day around this sacred time is a gift indeed.  And honestly, I find it easier to do when it's scheduled and we all participate, even if we are not necessarily 'in the mood,' and even if this type of gathering does not match our personal worship/prayer style...  There is a sacredness of being together as we read the Psalms and other scriptures and pray.  The other night the text included a reading from James 5 that really spoke to me, therefore I am sharing it with you.  Be patient James says, strengthen your hearts, and naming the people BELOVED twice, he exhorts them 'do not grumble against one another!'  Suffering is an assumed part of life, so how do we live as followers of Jesus when life is difficult?  Are we grumblers or patient strengtheners?  What do you think?  Ponder and pray on a word or phrase that jumped out to you...  and I look forward to joining you again soon!  
In peace and with much love, Pastor Andrea
"Be patient, therefore, beloved, until the coming of the Lord. The farmer waits for the precious crop from the earth, being patient with it until it receives the early and the late rains.  You also must be patient. Strengthen your hearts, for the 
coming of the Lord is near.  Beloved, do not grumble against one another, so that you may not be judged. See, 
the Judge is standing at the doors!  As an example of suffering and patience, beloved, take the prophets 
who spoke in the name of the Lord.  Indeed we call blessed those who showed endurance. You have heard 
of the endurance of Job, and you have seen the purpose of the Lord, 
how the Lord is compassionate and merciful."  (James 5: 7-11)
This week (other meetings/gatherings/work will be taking place as well but here are some things to note):  
  • Monday, November 15th December newsletter deadline.  Please get any information to share in Connections to Jo Moss.
  • Friday, November 19th Women's Bible study will meet at 9:30 a.m. to continue a study of "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel", by Lifeway Women. We are on the second session, which takes four of the hymn's verses and explores their meaning in a deeper understanding as we prepare for the Lord's first and second coming. There are five days of personal study before each session, so order your book and join us! All are welcome. The sessions are both in person and via Zoom at: or join by phone 301-715-8592; Meeting ID: 826 9201 394; Passcode: 624229.
  • Saturday, November 22nd. 
    • Thanksgiving Turkey Fry'a thon!  Local contractor Bill Winter will deep fry turkeys for our Community Thanksgiving Dinner.   If you want to donate a turkey it has to be completely thawed out.   The first batch of turkeys should be cooled and ready to be cut up around 10am.  We will have 8 fryers working this year so we will need volunteers most of the day for carving turkeys.  It takes about an hour to fry a 20# turkey and 2 years ago we cooked 43 !!   As of this moment, we believe we will have close to that many again.  We need helpers!!  If you have any time on Saturday, please stop by the fellowship hall.  BYO knife. Please let Julie Wersal know if you'll be coming or just show up!
    • A BOOK DISCUSSION via ZOOM at 10 am on  "The God Who Sees" by Karen Gonzalez.  The Rocky Mt Synod AMMPARPO group will be leading this and we can join in!  Zoom Link - We will watch as a group from the fellowship hall lower level if you want to join us in person!
    • Bread and Belonging Youth Council will be meeting on Nov 20th
  • Sunday, November 21st 
    • 8:30 am Sunday morning Bible study Third session of the new study using "The God Who Sees" by Karen Gonzalez.  Stories from scripture about Hagar, Joseph, Ruth and Jesus will guide us to consider those who have fled their homelands.  This week we consider the story of Hagar.  The book is not mandatory but would be helpful and as always, all are welcome!  Come and participate in the study & discussion.  4 Sundays in November.  Discussion facilitated by David this week. OR Dial +1 312 626 6799  Meeting ID: 907 628 370. Passcode: 332397
    • 10 am Worship INDOORS in our Sanctuary
      • Join us, either in person OR via ZOOM ('hybrid' worship).  If you will be worshipping via zoom, log on or call in using these links:  OR Dial   +1 301 715 8592     Meeting ID: 917 3921 4242.   Password: 731771.   For those of you who will be worshipping in person, masks will be required indoors.  Please bring your own, thanks!
      • Worship leaders:  Pastor Andrea Doeden; Assisting: Lisa Rygiel;  Organist:  Connie Pallone;  Ushering:  Steve & JoAnn Karspeck;  Reading:  ;  Communion prep/cleanup: the Pierce Family
      • Flowers are from Dick & Ann Rasmussen for their anniversary 
    • Fellowship after worship (approx. 11:10am) in the fellowship hall
    • BREAD & BELONGING  College/High School Student Fellowship meets from 6-8pm in the lower level of the fellowship hall.  
Prayer ListIt is a privilege to pray for one another and to bring those who need healing to Jesus.  The prayer list has been updated, as we periodically do. Send prayer requests to Carol Smith at or 412-477-7531.  
"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." (Romans 15:13) Hope is trusting in God's promises- that He will never leave us and He loves us and knows our needs. In prayer, we ask in His name: Comfort for those in mourning, including the families and friends of Judy Martin; Lou Gensinger; Jim Bolden; Manei Serafini; Amy Estes; Steph Romero; Robin Sanchez; and Kenny Chase. We thank God for the positive outcome of Andrea's CT scan, and for the Hass' new grandson, Liam. We pray for and surround with Gods' healing touch: Kimberly Hall; Brent Kapling; Mike Blackmore; Bradley Tennery; Pastor Andrea; Carol Schulzkump, and Carol's son Kris and DIL Ana(whose father is in ICU); JoAnn's sister, Beth; Deena Karpseck; Floyd Gumke; Wilmae and Sherry Gartside; Lisa's mother; Kimberly Ehrman;  Loren Eigenberg; the Sandstead family.  We surround with prayers others battling cancer, including Nancy Wilhelm (Ernie and Sharon family member); Linda Bounds; Norine's stepdaughter Sherry; Joni's nephew Mike; Jo Moss' cousin Virginia; Kimber Begano; Dr. Mark Jacobson; Linda Theige's BIL Pastor Bob; and Max Phillips.  We also pray for those affected by COVID-19, including Hal and Rita Burton.  Our prayers continue for Wal Reat (missionary in Sudan whom we support financially through Global Missions); Pastor Clay and The Way ministry; ACTS ministry; and the prison congregation New Beginnings and Pastor Schjang.
Other announcements/dates to put on your calendar:
Yesterday's worship service can be viewed by following this link: Passcode: @bTbw0%0  Sermon is at minute 13:30
1.  ADVENT STARTS THE SUNDAY AFTER THANKSGIVING!  We have a special series titled "The Inn" to help us focus on the birth of Jesus.  Invite your friends and neighbors!  Sundays in Advent at 10 am.  Christmas Eve at 11 pm.  December 26th at 10 am.
2.  As a result of our focus on LFSRM's work in relocating Afghan families in Colorado Springs, Zion's is considering co-sponsoring/supporting an Afghan family.  I (Pastor Andrea) am in contact with the Colorado Spring office and will be sharing more details as we discern the need and our abilities and desires.  Stay tuned but please pray for all those who have been evacuated and are being relocated.  It never is easy!  FYI:  There is another zoom training on December 7th if you decide you want to be involved with this new opportunity.
3.  NOVEMBER COAT DRIVE is taking place!  Let's go through our closets, gather our donations, and bring those coats (clean and washed) to church and they will be shared with those in need.  Thank you!  
4.  Thanksgiving is fast approaching and again this year we are providing the Trinidad Community Thanksgiving Dinner.  We need volunteers to prepare food, package meals and deliver meals.  Please sign up on the sheets that are at church in the sanctuary and the fellowship hall. 
5.  Centering Prayer will be returning to Zion's!  All who are interested in resuming or starting this practice please mark Saturday, February 12th for a half day workshop led by the Southern Colorado Contemplative Outreach leadership team.  Prior to March 2020, Zion's had a Centering Prayer group that met weekly and members have requested that it be restarted.  


This coming Sunday we close our liturgical year with a celebration of Christ as our king. Come to worship, and encounter Christ reigning from his cross with mercy for us all.

The Readings in the Bible

Around the turn of the first century, the fourth evangelist composed a gospel characterized by layered metaphorical conversations about the divine identity of Jesus Christ. As part of John’s passion narrative, Pilate and Jesus discuss the meaning of the early Christian claim that Jesus was the messiah, God’s anointed king. Pontius Pilate was the Roman prefect of Judea from 26 to 36 ce, and before ordering an execution, his task was to discover a nonreligious charge against Jesus that touched on Roman law. John focuses more on Jesus’ civic trial than do the synoptics, since Rome represented the whole world in a way that the Sanhedrin did not, and since the evangelist means to clarify that Christians are not a subversive political movement but instead proclaim religious truth. The contemporary hearers of John’s gospel are those who listen to the voice of Christ proclaimed in the word.
The book of Daniel, written in the third century bce, includes visions that are set several centuries prior and that mean to comfort the Jews living under political oppression. This passage is excerpted from chapter 7’s vision of the final judgment of the four beasts, which are symbolic of the kingdoms of the Babylonians, the Medes, the Persians, and the Greeks. Daniel is the only biblical book that refers to God as the Ancient of Days. God is described as if sitting on a throne overseeing a court case against the fourth beast. The Hebrew phrase “son of man” is translated in the NRSV with its usual meaning, “human being.” The visionary anticipates a coming one who will conquer Greek domination. The clouds signify the presence of God.
The book of Revelation, written in the late first century, applies traditional Jewish apocalyptic imagery to the situation of the early Christian church at a time when the Roman Empire commanded that emperors be worshiped as gods. Apocalypticism anticipates a cataclysmic final battle at which evil will finally be overcome by God. The seven spirits are angels that oversee the seven churches to which the Revelation is addressed. The excerpt uses a standard epistolary introduction to state a full creedal description of Jesus Christ, who reigns over the whole earth as King of kings.