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Good afternoon dear people of God!  Today is the day each year when Francis of Assisi is commemorated.  So it's a feast day!  One of the stories that I love is the one called Saint Francis and Brother Wolf.  If you've never heard of it, read it here:  

Saint Francis is well known for his love of animals and all creation.  Father Richard Rohr writes "Every Creature is an Epiphany" in this reflection:  
This prayer of Saint Francis also reflects his belief in God being the God of all creation, and worshipped by all of creation!  


A Prayer for Gratitude
St. Francis of Assisi
Most High, all powerful, good Lord, to you all praise, glory and honor and all blessing;
to you alone, Most High, they belong and no one is worthy of naming you.
Praised by you, my Lord, with all your creatures, especially Milord Brother Sun,
who brings day, and by whom you enlighten us; he is beautiful, he shines with great splendor, of you, Most High, he is the symbol.
Praised be you, my Lord, for sister Moon and the Stars: in the heavens you formed them, clear, precious and beautiful.
Praised by you, my Lord, for Brother Wind and for the air and for the clouds, 
for the azure calm and for all climes by which you give life to your creatures. 
Praised by you, my Lord, for Sister Water, who is very useful and humble, precious and chaste. 
Praised by you, my Lord, for Brother Fire, by whom you enlighten the night: 
he is beautiful and joyous, indomitable and strong. 
Praised by you, my Lord, for Sister our mother the earth who nourishes us and bears us, 
and produces all kinds of fruits, with the speckled flowers and the herbs. 
Have a great day and week dear friends!  See God everywhere- especially in all the creatures and all of creation!  And Praise him!  
In Christ, Pastor Andrea
This week (other meetings/gatherings/work will be taking place as well but here are some things to note):
  • Tuesday, October 5th  6-8 pm Refugee Volunteer Orientation – Colorado Springs – Online!  Do you know that 23 Afghan families are being brought to Colorado Springs as part of the resettlement of those evacuated with the US forces?  We can help support these global brothers and sisters!  If you are interested in helping or want to learn more, sign up and log into this seminar.  A pastor I spoke to had participated in the Denver online orientation and said the information was wonderful so even if people don't plan on volunteering, he said we'd all learn a lot.  So go to this link to learn more:  "This is the first step to volunteering with our refugee programs. During this session you will learn about the current refugee situation, what it takes to get involved, the application process, and about advocacy. We strive to stand in solidarity with refugees using patience, resilience, and compassion."
  • Sunday, October 10th
    • Sunday morning Bible study at 8:30 am  Lisa Rygiel leads our new study of Habbakuk.  Using The Book of Habbakuk: Faith Amid the Ruins by Heath A. Thomas. The book is not required but if you are interested in studying it, please get one.  Come in person or by ZOOM or call +1 312 626 6799 Meeting ID: 907 628 370 Passcode: 332397
    • 10 am Worship INDOORS in our Sanctuary
      • Join us, either in person OR via ZOOM ('hybrid' worship).  If you will be worshipping via zoom, log on or call in using these links:  OR Dial   +1 301 715 8592     Meeting ID: 917 3921 4242.   Password: 731771.   For those of you who will be worshipping in person, masks will be required indoors.  Please bring your own, thanks!
      • Worship leaders:  Assisting:  Lisa Rygiel;  Song Leader:  Mark Nelson; Organist:  Connie Pallone;  Ushering:  Paula Little & Carol Smith;  Reading:  Carol Smith;  Communion prep/cleanup:  Ruthie Culpepper/Carol Schulzkump
      • Flowers are from Pastor Andrea in thanksgiving for her father Norman's 86th birthday!
    • Fellowship after worship (approx. 11am).  
    • BREAD & BELONGING  College/High School Student Fellowship from 6-8 pm.  We begin by serving some food, followed by fellowship and discussion using the book "YOU CAN'T ASK THAT! 50 Taboo questions about the bible, Jesus, and Christianity".   Invite college and students 9-12th grade.  
Prayer ListIt is a privilege to pray for one another and to bring those who need healing to Jesus.  Send prayer requests to Carol Smith at or 412-477-7531.
The Lord tells us in Matthew 11:28 "Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."   In doing this, we lift up our concerns to Him in prayer.
We continue to pray for guidance and wisdom for the leaders of our country and the world.  We lift up those that are mourning the loss of a loved one, especially family and friends of Rich Samora; Carol Bordo and family; Phyllis Jean Mackenzie and family; and Bob Koenen's family (wife Deb).  Prayers continue for those affected by COVID-19, especially Mary's niece Libby; Carol S's son's MIL Carmen Ortez (pulmonary embolism from COVID);  Mark Moss' family members -Amy and Willy Ashley, Andrea and Lane Houston; Norine's step daughter Sherry; Becky's niece, Paige(thankful she is improving); Karen's father (on a vent); Kim, Dan, and Debbie Ruscetti; and Joshua.  We pray for and surround with God's healing touch : Andrea; Michael Blackmore; Elaine's nephew Carlos Trujillo (stage 4 cancer); Smith's friend Kimberly Ehrman (high risk pregnancy);  Lisa's Mother; Cheri's Mom Phyllis (surgery for broken hip); Barbara Snow; Jacqueline and Larry Sinniett; Christine Eliss; Elaine's brother Pete (car accident);  Huffor family; Steve Devorack; Joni's nephew Mike (lung cancer); Mike Johnson; Floyd Gumke; Linda Bounds; Erin's friend Jenny (leukemia); Patrick Nye; Carol Schulzkump; Jo Moss' cousin Virginia (cancer);  Kimber Begano (cancer); Glenn Davis (cancer/ recent gallbladder OR); Dr. Mark Jacobson (cancer); Doris' family; Linda Theige's brother Pastor Bob (cancer); Max Phillips (cancer); Carol Schulzkump's daughter Katy and nephew Brent Kapling; Caleb, Eliza and Ryan Schulte; Willmae Gartside (hospice) and Sherry; Larry French; Janice and Dennis Hornamen; Sue Nesbitt; Loren Eigenberg; Moises; Doug and Darlynne Sandstead, daughters Heather & Rebecca, family Ed and Bev; Christine and Mark; Richard W.; Richard S.; KC (Alzheimer's).  Our prayers continue for Wal Reat (missionary in Sudan whom we support financially through Global Missions); Pastor Clay and The Way ministry; ACTS ministry; and the prison congregation New Beginnings and Pastor Schjang.
Other announcements/dates to put on your calendar:
Yesterday's worship service can be viewed by following this link: Passcode: A5=@12cQ. (Retired) Pastor Becky McNeil preached yesterday and I highly recommend it if you missed it.  Find it at minute 13 of the recording
1.  This month we will have a 5th Sunday blessing on October 31st- Reformation Sunday.  Or as I like to say Re-formation Sunday-- a day when we celebrate our transformation, our new life that is continually evolving, in Christ!  For Octobers 5th Sunday blessing we are challenging Zion's for a 'big ask.'  Let's collect $1000 to split between the Afghan families' resettlement in Colorado Springs (through Lutheran Family Services of the Rocky Mountains) and our own ELCA Missionary in South Sudan, Wal Reat!  We are focusing on our global siblings this time and thought it would be wonderful to support both of these missions.  Today, I am simply introducing our opportunity and giving you the link to learn directly from LFSRM (link above).  For each of the remaining weeks this month, I will be writing a bit about those missions.  Next week I plan to write about Pastor Wal Reat who our congregation supports and share more about all that God is doing through him and the church there.  Stay tuned!  ;-)
2.  Zion's newsletter CONNECTIONS was published last week.  Look for it in your email inbox or pick up a printed copy.  Thanks to Jo Moss for creating this and to all the contributors.
3. New Members will be received at Zion's October 17th.  Do you want to formally join this faith family?  Speak to Pastor Andrea
4. The 4th quasi annual Zion's Lutheran Church bike/camp outing will be held on Saturday October 16th on the River Trail outside Pueblo.  The bikers will meet at the Pueblo Fish Hatchery (500 Pueblo Reservoir Rd) at 10 am and bike the paved Arkansas River trail to have lunch at the Coyote Grill (5220 Nature Center Rd) near the raptor center (approx 4 miles).  If the Coyote Grill is closed, we'll head to the Pueblo RiverWalk and dine at one of the many restaurants there.  Those interested in camping, we will be at. the Arkansas Point area of Pueblo Lake State Park where there are currently a variety of electric sites available.  Carol & Jeff Smith have reserved site #88 for arrival Friday Oct 15th, departing on Sunday Oct 17th.  Invite friends!  Thanks to Jeff Smith for organizing this and please direct all questions to Jeff.
5.  Confirmation Camp at Rainbow Trails Lutheran Camp, Oct 15-17th.
6.  Worship flowers can be sponsored each week for $25. A flower chart is in the fellowship hall to sign up or contact Lynn Chase.
7. Angels in Aprons is our team of amazing cooks who bless you by helping with meals when you are in need for any reason, such as surgeries, illnesses, etc.  If you would like to be blessed by these angels or would like to volunteer, please contact Lynn Chase. 
8.  FREE Covid testing for all Colorado residents can be accessed at the Sebastiani Gym Parking Lot.  Schedule an appointment at ahead of time or register on site (longer wait time).  The times I believe have changed so log on to see when/times.  
9.  Lastly, Elaine Trujillo's son in law is the new volunteer coordinator with Sangre de Cristo Community Care.  They are looking for volunteers so if you are interested call 719-846-3060.


In the gospel reading on this coming Sunday, Jesus tells a questioner to sell what he owns and give the money to the poor. What does this mean for us? Come to worship to hear the word and to receive grace from God.

The Readings on This Day: Sunday, October 9–15

Lectionary 28
Mark’s gospel anticipates the coming of the eschaton, for which we prepare by countercultural lives of ethical justice. We are glad for the forgiveness we will receive at the table.
Christians receive the traditional biblical commandments, and yet we know that we cannot keep them. With the Spirit’s help, together we become a new family and follow Christ, who radically alters cultural values. We are grateful that Jesus looks on us with love. Since Mark’s community met for worship in houses, this passage may include reference to the gift of the church in the lives of believers.
The Amos passage is chosen to parallel the gospel reading because both include a call to economic justice. Even though we profess to obey the commandments, we must hear that our sins are great.
The readings from Amos and Mark are indeed two-edged swords, piercing our self-assurance with the truth of our neglect of the poor. We are laid bare before God; however, Christ, our high priest, stands with us and shows us God’s grace.
(Artwork courtesy of Vanderbilt University -- Our Lady of the Sea Church, NJ -- at