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Good morning dear people of God!  I pray you had a wonderful weekend, a restful Labor Day and gave thanks for the gift of work and workers.  This week we have a wonderful opportunity to be partners in our community as we gather for our service project on Saturday.  Where our congregation is located in our mission field and so we share God's love in this place in so many ways!  In daily lives at work and play, in how we feed our neighbors, in supporting community organizations like Fisher's Peak Soup kitchen and the AADA House for those suffering from domestic violence, by blessing those in our police/fire/EMS departments and schools, assisting the homeless, and simply being kind and loving to those we encounter wherever that may be.  I contacted the city and asked what we could do to pitch in and do to help and they were thrilled that we wanted to do a service project.  Bob Just asked that we clean up trash along the river path starting at the Shell station/exit 13 and they will provide bags and trash pickup.  So this Saturday, September 11th we will gather at 9 am in the parking area just north of the Shell station.  It is the 20th anniversary of 9/11 so we will begin with prayer and all are invited to start this day together - even if you are not going to do the trash pick up.  Following our prayers, we will walk the path, talking and picking up trash together!  Wear your yellow God's Work, Our Hands t-shirts or a bright yellow shirt.  Let's bless our community together!
Today's meditation from Fr. Richard Rohr is about participation in love.  I recommend it and here is the link:  And hold these verses for the week from Romans 12:9 Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. 10 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. 11 Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. 12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. 13 Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. 
Have a wonderful week.  Share the love of God with all people, and yourselves!  
Peace, blessings and love~ Pastor Andrea
This week:
  • Wednesday, September 8th 10am-4ish the Website team is meeting
  • Friday, September 10th  11:30- ? Bread and Belonging College/High School ministry will be handing out fliers and treats to the students.  We need volunteers to join us.  We will have our banners and tables up on the corner of Pine & Prospect AND by the parking lot so we can catch students coming from the dorms etc.  Let Pastor Andrea know if you can help.  
  • Saturday, September 11th  9 am GODS WORK OUR HANDS service project.  As noted above, meet at the lot north of the Shell station at exit 13, across from the Safeway gas station.  Park at Safeway and walk across the street.  We begin with prayer then walk the river path to pick up trash.  
  • Sunday, Sept 12th
    • NO Sunday morning Bible study
    • 9:00 am  Volunteers gather to gather, set up and move our altar, chairs, etc to the park.   HELP!  We need volunteers. If you can help set up, please let Julie Wersal or Pastor Andrea know.  Thanks!
    • 10 am Worship Outdoors at Round Up Park at the County Fair Grounds GOD'S WORK, OUR HAND'S SUNDAY
      • The Community is invited to join us so share the invitation!  Bring a friend or neighbor.  We are so happy that The Orphan Valley Singers will provide the worship music again this year.
      • Join us, either in person OR via ZOOM ('hybrid' worship).  If you will be worshipping via zoom, log on or call in using these links:  OR Dial   +1 301 715 8592     Meeting ID: 917 3921 4242.   Password: 731771.   For those of you who will be worshipping in person, please bring a folding camp chair to sit on and wear comfortable clothing 
      • Worship leaders:  Assisting:  Julie Wersal;  Song Leader: The Orphan Valley Singers;  Ushering: Paula Little and Jo Moss;  Reading:  Hailey Beardon ;  Communion prep/cleanup:  the Pierce family
      • Flowers are from Mark & Jo Moss in celebration of their granddaughter's 5th birthday
    • POTLUCK LUNCH and Fellowship after worship (approx. 11am).  The church is providing drinks so please bring a dish to share.
    • CONCERT by The Orphan Valley Singers follows lunch, approximately at noon.  Again, invite neighbors and friends.
    • Help needed to 'take down' and clean up after the concert.  I have one volunteer so far but we need many more.  Can you help get things back to the church and help clean up??  Let Julie or Pastor know please.
    • BREAD & BELONGING  College/High School Student Fellowship Inaugural Gathering.  6-8 pm.  We will begin by serving a meal, followed by fellowship and discussion using the book "YOU CAN'T ASK THAT! 50 Taboo questions about the bible, Jesus, and Christianity".   Invite college and students 9-12th grade.  
Prayer List: We continue to pray for guidance and wisdom for the leaders of our country and the world.  We lift up those that are mourning the loss of a loved one: including the family of Carol Hoey; Paul Hurtado on the death of his mother: and the family of Robert Bailey. Prayers continue for those affected by COVID-19, especially Karen's father (on a vent); Kim, Dan, and Debbie Rozetti; and Joshua. We give thanks that Carol Schulzkump's grandchildren are doing better from COVID, and for Lana's new twin great grandbabies. We lift up the children and teachers and all associated with school as it begins a new year. We pray for those affected by the Afghanistan takeover and ask for protection for the Christians left behind and all who are needing God's presence and hope.  We also ask for the answered prayers and protection for those affected by the hurricane and rains in the east, and the devastating fires in the west. We pray for and surround with God's healing touch: Jacqueline and Larry Sinniett; Christine Eliss; Elaine's brother Pete (car accident);  Huffor family; Steve Devorack; Joni's nephew Mike (lung cancer); Mike Johnson; Bob (hospice); Floyd Gumke; Linda Bounds; Erin's friend Jenny (leukemia); Patrick Nye; Carol Schultzkump; Jo Moss' cousin Virginia (cancer); Michael Blackmore; Kimber Begano (cancer); Glenn Davis (cancer); Dr. Mark Jacobson (cancer); Doris' family; Linda Theige's brother Pastor Bob (cancer); Max Phillips (cancer); Carol Schulzkump's daughter Katy and nephew Brent Kapling; Caleb, Eliza and Ryan Schulte; Willmae Gartside (hospice) and Sherry; Larry French; Janice and Dennis Hornamen; Sue Nesbitt; Loren Eigenberg; Moises; Doug and Darlynne Sandstead, daughters Heather & Rebecca, family Ed and Bev; Christine and Mark; Richard W.; Richard S.; KC (Alzheimers).  Our prayers continue for Wal Reat (missionary in Sudan whom we support financially through Global Missions); Pastor Clay and The Way ministry; ACTS ministry; and the prison congregation New Beginnings and Pastor Schjang.
Other announcements/dates to put on your calendar:
Yesterday's worship service can be viewed by following this link: Passcode: ^7^+G.$b 
1.  Do you still need a yellow "God's Work Our Hands" t-shirt for September 12th?  We proudly wear them at many community events and each fall at our GWOH Sunday community worship.  I ordered a few extras so let me know if you want one.  
2.  A former pastor of Zion's, Ray Bartels, turned 100 yesterday!  He last visited us here in Trinidad in 2018 but lets shower him with some cards!  His church is celebrating this milestone on Sept 12th so send them to Peace Evangelical Lutheran church at 06321 Blue Star Memorial Hwy, South Haven, MI 49090.  Julie is also arranging a donation in his honor from our congregation and I'll be sending a video greeting and reflection.  
3.  Santa Fe Trail Bicentennial celebration is Saturday, Oct. 2 through 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 3. and we are busy planning a wonderful weekend of sharing WHY ZION'S?
4.   Zion's Choir has decided to not begin until the Covid numbers are lower in our community.  
5.  Women's bible study will resume Fridays every other week beginning on Friday, September 17th, 9:30-11
6.  Worship flowers can be sponsored each week for $25. A flower chart is in the fellowship hall to sign up or contact Lynn Chase.
7. Angels in Aprons is our team of amazing cooks who bless you by helping with meals when you are in need for any reason, such as surgeries, illnesses, etc.  If you would like to be blessed by these angels or would like to volunteer, please contact Lynn Chase. 
8.  FREE Covid testing for all Colorado residents can be accessed each Monday, 3-6 pm at the Sebastiani Gym Parking Lot.  Schedule an appointment at ahead of time or register on site (longer wait time).  
9.  Our prison ministry partnership with New Beginnings includes donating cards for the inmates to use.  Please bring your cards to church and put in the green "Andrea's Joy Box."  I will be meeting Pastor Terry on Sept 24th and blessing her with our gifts.  So bring some more to church before the 22nd please.  
What does it mean to take up the cross and follow Jesus? Didn’t Jesus die for us? Come to worship on Sunday to hear what Mark and James have to say about this.

The Readings in the Bible


Written in about 70 ce, Mark’s gospel includes three passion predictions, of which chapter 8 includes the first. That the Messiah will die reverses religious expectations. The passage indicates that Mark’s community and the others for whom he wrote saw Jesus as the eschatological Son of Man, whose appearance marked the beginning of the end. But even Peter, accepted as an early leader of the church, finds the crucifixion a crisis for his faith. Mark situates the conversation north of Galilee, in a mixed Jewish-Gentile area. For the first time in Mark’s gospel, Jesus accepts the title Messiah, that is, the Anointed One awaited by the Jews. Mark’s call to take up the cross indicates that his community anticipated persecution.
The early second-century essayist James continues his casual prose style and accessible metaphors in this passage about the power and danger of human speech. Attention to one’s speech recalls similar injunctions in the Old Testament Wisdom writings. James’s text does not indicate what communal infractions have incited him to write this passage. His call to the total transformation embodied by believers contrasts with the earlier writings of Paul, who laments that even he does not do what he ought. Although popularly “cursing” refers to a broad range of socially inappropriate speech, “to curse” here is to wish damnation on the other.