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Bulletin: Seventh Sunday in Easter

Dear Followers of Jesus,

Good morning!  This last Thursday was Ascension Day — a day I like to think of as Jesus passing the baton of his mission to his disciples, the church.  He had been preparing them for years but I wonder what he was feeling as he spent his last moments with them.  Did he feel the anxiety of the transition period?  Probably not but I am sure the disciples did!  

But Jesus did not leave them without final instructions either.  He tells them that the Gospel is to be proclaimed to all the nations BUT stay in Jerusalem.  Have you ever thought that those two commands contradicted each other?  Jesus gives them the Great Commission but tells them to hold still....FOR the power of the Holy Spirit BEFORE they headed out.  

They are to pause in prayer to make sure they have what they need from God BEFORE they attempt the mission God has given them.  They need to fill their tanks with the power of God before they head out on their journey.  

I thought it was a timely message for me personally and for us at Zion's.  We too are in a time of transition but God has given us the same instructions --  let the power of God guide us!  Pray, fill up our tanks with the energy of the Holy, and gather with our companions for the mission.  AND WE ARE!  

What an opportunity to truly put our trust in the Lord — God's got us and we will continue in the mission that God has given us!  Thank you for all the ways you are CHURCH for the sake of the world!  

I also mentioned that this is a timely message for me personally as well.  Paul and I are leaving for our Camino de Santiago in Spain.  I am so grateful for your accompaniment over these last 20 months of my Cancer Camino but you knew this was a dream of mine....I have wanted to walk this pilgrimage route for a decade and now I am so blessed to be embarking on the journey.  

I have to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit before/during/after, I have to remain in prayer, I have filled my tank with God's energy and I am taking you with me!  I will be holding you in my heart as I walk, giving thanks for YOU as you walk with me.  I'll take some pictures and share them when we get back.

Thank you dear people of God for all you do for one another, the stranger amongst us, and for me.  We are all better because of it.  So as you move into this next week or two, look around at all the gifts of God but also notice all the hurting people.  

Our news feed keeps telling us about countless tragedies.  Do what you can to love in tangible ways in Jesus name.  Okay, that's all for now.  I send love and blessings!  


~(your former) Pastor Andrea ;-)


Online worship link: If you will be worshiping via Zoom, log on or call in using this link: -- or Dial: 1 301 715 8592 -- Meeting ID: 917 3921 4242 -- Password: 731771. For those of you who will be worshiping in person, masks will now be at the discretion of each individual. We continue to be mindful all the different ways people are compromised that may not be known and so please continue to practice healthy community habits such as staying home when you are sick etc. 


Seventh Sunday of Easter, May 29, 2022

Worship Leaders: Jeff Smith, Carol Smith, and Julie Wersal

Zoom Leaders: help needed!!

Music: Connie Pallone, Melodie Langosa 

Ushers: Peggy Gustafson and Kathy Humphries

Communion: Jo Moss and Hailey Bearden

Flowers: Presented by Carol Schulzkump in remembrance of her mom’s birthday on May 29 and for the anniversary of daughter Katy and wife Nicky’s anniversary, also on the 29th.

  • Morning Bible Study is at 8:30 a.m. ON BREAK as Lisa recovers from surgery
  • Fellowship time follows morning worship and is in the Fellowship Hall.
  • Bread & Belonging Our high school/college ministry is on summer hiatus.