Meet Our Pastor
Pastor Andrea Doeden

Pastor Andrea began ministry in the medical field but was called to Zion's in 2011 as she completed seminary.  Working in both the church and health care, Pr. Andrea is committed to feeding souls and bodies!  

Musings from Pastor

We are beloved children of God, called to witness to the overwhelming love and life we have in Christ.  We do that in so many ways here at Zion's.  All of us are gifted, no matter our age, to reflect Jesus to our world.  How?  Well, as a friend recently said "If you have a pulse, you have a purpose."  So together we find our purpose!  Reflecting God to this world that needs it so much, in our homes, our community, our country and maybe even half way around the world!  But we have to know God in order to shine the SON so we gather together to worship, to learn, to encourage, to pray, and to practice loving one another.   We grow in our relationship with God and one another here at Zion's and we would love for you to join us in this calling.  

Meet Our Team

Everyone is a participant in God's ministry but here are a few people who lead our congregation:

Julie Wersal - Congregational president, Worship leader, and the person who always does everything

Lisa Rygiel - Congregational vice-president, Worship leader, Liason for Homeless Ministry

Jeff Smith - Trust Fund team manager, Sunday Bible Study Leader,  and Fellowship Planner

Carol Schulzkump - Church bookkeeper and Amazing Volunteer

Joni Jones - Church Financial Secretary and Amazing Volunteer

Carol Smith - Women's Bible Study Leader, Sunday Bible Study Leader, Prayer Ministry Coordinator

Norine Hazen & Peggy Gustafson - Community Outreach Team coordinators (Five Loaves and Thanksgiving)

Jo Moss - Administrative Assistant, Safety Team member, Five Loaves logistics coordinator, newsletter editor

Sharon Sorenson - Choir director, Music Ministry & Technology team leader

Mark Nelson & Connie Pallone - Musicians

JoAnn Karspeck - Worship Volunteer Coordinator

Lynn Chase - Leader of Flower Guild and Angels in Aprons Ministry

Julie Wersal
  • President
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Jo Moss
  • Administrative Assistant
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Lisa Rygiel
  • Vicar
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Kate Schlechter
  • Intentional Interim Pastor